Monday, 20 July 2015

Who is in SQL?

Who is in SQL? 

SQL Server Management Studio >> New Query >> exec sp_who2


This will list the users logged into specific databases, especially useful if you need to force kill the sessions. 

New Query >> Kill 'spid' 

eg. Kill 11

Turn On Trace Flag 4616 Dynamics NAV

Turn On Trace Flag 4616 Dynamics NAV

SQL Server Mangement Studio >> New Query >> master

DBCC TRACEON(4616,-1) 


Inventory Valuation - Slow Report FIX (NAV 2009/R2)

Inventory Valuation - Slow Report FIX

Microsoft released a hotfix for the Inventory Valuation report 1001 for NAV 2009 / R2 to decrease the length of time the report takes to run. This is especially important for big databases. 

Hope this helps! 



Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Departments Menu Glitch - NAV 2009 / R2

Departments Menu Glitch - Assign Users 

In Navision 2009 / R2 (Classic) you are able to hide departments from your users, however somtimes this can glitch. I've witnessed this issue a few times whereby the you disable / enable a department for a user but nothing happens.

The quick fix is to delete the user completely from NAV.

Tools >> Security >> Windows/Database Logins >> Copy all the permissions >> Delete the User >> Synchronize >> Re-Add the user >> Paste the logins back in >> Synchronize.

As to why this happens, I have no idea. I think the 'User Menu Level' gets corrupted.



Delete All Users from NAV 2015

Delete All Users from NAV 2015 - SQL

Note: This same script can be used on NAV 2013/NAV 2013 R2
Sometimes we will need to delete all of our users from a NAV 2015 database as we may inadvertantly lock ourselves out or experiences glitches with user accounts. A quick way to delete all users from NAV 2015 is to do the following: 
1. Open SQL Server Management Studio. 
2. New Query (select the database we want to remove all the users from). 
3. Use the query below >> Hit Execute

[dbo].[Access Control]
[dbo].[User Property]

[dbo].[Page Data Personalization]
delete from
[dbo].[User Default Style Sheet]
delete from
[dbo].[User Metadata]
delete from
[dbo].[User Personalization]

Monday, 8 June 2015

NAS Manual Install

NAS Service Install

(NAV Application Server)

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Application Server\nassql.exe" appservername="Application Server", NETTYPE=TCP, servername="SQL-SERVER", database="Cronus 2009 R2", company="CRONUS Ltd.", nettype=tcp, startupparameter="JOBQUEUE", objectcache=40000, installasservice

The configuration for this can be ammended in the registry if you dont have the MMC snap in installed. 


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Invalid Page Number: NAV 2009

Error Message: Invalid Page Number

When attempting to click on the Posted Invoices option, in the Sales & Marketing navigation pane, I am meet with the below error.
“Invalid Page Number (8) for the tab control names “Control1”. (InPage was set to 8 on the CheckBox “Control1000000091”).

This is a relatively common error that occurs when there are certain sections (in this case the Posted Invoices) where the Multi-language settings are not set-up correctly.
To fix this issue and stop the error message from appearing simply click on Tools >> Language.

This will open the window below. From here, select your preferred language (in this case English United Kingdom).

No I am able to select and open the Posted Purchase Invoices.